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Changes to Combining Orders: Streamlining Your Experience

Updated: Apr 12

Exciting news for streamlining your ordering experience! It is now easier to add or subtract items to your existing order, avoiding extra shipping fees. In the past, if you wanted to add something to an existing order, the suggestion was to place a second order, with shipping credited back afterward. However, I'm thrilled to announce a more seamless and user-friendly approach.

What's Changing? Moving forward, there's no need to go through the process of placing a second order. My website now allows me to add or subtract items directly from your existing order. This means no more concerns will paying for shipping twice or dealing with complexities related to coupons preventing shipping credits.

How to Make Adjustments: If you find yourself wanting to modify or add to your order, simply shoot me an email or let me know at the business of our "Packing Orders" live on TikTok. Let me know what changes you'd like to make, and I'll take care of it for you. You'll receive an email confirmation detailing the adjustments, along with an option to pay any difference in price, if applicable.

Why the Change? I'm making this shift to ensure a smoother and more user-friendly experience for you. No more navigating the hassle of placing separate orders, and rest assured that any adjustments you make will seamlessly integrate with your original order.

Separate Orders, Separate Packing: As we transition to this new system, please note that any orders placed separately will be packed separately. This ensures that your products arrive in pristine condition, just as you expect from Illuminate Apothecary.

Your Support Matters: Your satisfaction and ease of experience are paramount to me. This change is my way of ensuring that your journey with Illuminate Apothecary is not only fragrant and delightful but also seamlessly convenient.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding. Here's to simpler, more streamlined ordering!

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