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Blossoming Spring Collection 🌷

Hi, Illumies! As we enter the promise of spring, I'm thrilled to share the news of our upcoming smaller Spring launch, featuring three enchanting fragrances: Spring Bouquet, Lemon Breeze, and Honeysuckle Jasmine. Each one is crafted with the same dedication to cleanliness, nature, and relaxation that defines Illuminate Apothecary.

Behind-the-Scenes Production: Want to witness the magic as these fragrances come to life? Join me next week, Monday at 4 PM Central Standard Time, for a behind-the-scenes look at the production process. I will be going live regularly again on TikTok Monday-Friday at 4PM & 8PM Central Central Time. I very much appreciate your continued support in showing up and being part of the Illuminate Apothecary community.

Pre-Order Open on February 12: To ensure you don't miss out on securing your favorite scent, I'm opening pre-orders on February 12. Given the smaller batch size and the anticipation surrounding these fragrances, this is your chance to reserve your Spring Bouquet, Lemon Breeze, or Honeysuckle Jasmine candle, wax melt, or room spray.

Official Launch on February 23: Mark your calendars for February 23, the official launch day! While you can purchase directly on that day, pre-ordering guarantees you won't miss the chance to embrace the essence of spring with Illuminate Apothecary.

Why a Smaller Collection? This year, I'm presenting a more intimate collection of three fragrances instead of our usual six. The decision stems from the challenges faced over the holidays, including a family loss and a personal injury. I want to assure you that your Illuminate Apothecary experience remains special, and this smaller collection is my way of ensuring each fragrance receives the attention and care it deserves.

Your support means the world to me, and I can't wait to share these new fragrances with you. Thank you for being part of the Illuminate Apothecary journey.

Warm regards,


Illuminate Apothecary

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4 comentarios

I cannot wait till the spring collection!! I just found you on TT, this winter & so happy I ordered some of the winter products. You scents are def 🔥🔥! A huge CONGRATS to you! 😊

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Thank you Laura! I truly appreciate all your support - definitely glad you found me. 🥰

Me gusta

I sure hope that cherry blossom is coming back. I put my sample I got in my package a while back, I must say it’s my favorite! It’s amazing smelling! I came on the website hoping to order some but isn’t a option 🫤

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I’m going to do my best to make this possible! 🤞🏻

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