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Morning Chai

Morning Chai




Awaken your senses with Morning Chai, a delightful embrace of the familiar and comforting essence of creamy chai. Picture the first rays of sunlight streaming through your window as you prepare to savor this spicy, aromatic favorite. The blend unfolds with the zest of light citrus peel, dancing alongside the warmth of clove buds and cinnamon sticks. As the aroma envelops your space, it gradually transforms, drying down to a sweet vanilla background that lingers like a lingering morning hug. Indulge in the enchanting ritual of Morning Chai, a perfect companion for a cozy start to your day.


Top Notes: Citrus
Middle Notes: Cinnamon, Clove
Bottom Notes: Sweet Vanilla

Made with 100% all-natural premium soy wax, high-quality fragrance oils, and an all-cotton wick, tested for a maximum clean burn with minimal mushrooming, soot, and smoke.  Our products are all paraffin-free.

All of our products are made by hand so slight variations may occur, and are natural.