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Seeking Support: Navigating TikTok's Changes

I need your help. Lately, my TikTok live streams haven't been pulling in the numbers they used to. While my order packing lives still draw a crowd, my candle making sessions struggle to reach even 40 viewers. It's tough because without those afternoon production lives, I risk missing out on orders for the evening packing sessions, sometimes resulting in no orders to pack by 8PM.

Here's the thing: I'm completely aware that having 16,000 followers doesn't necessarily mean they're all active. In fact, it's far from it. Out of those 16K, let's be realistic. Maybe half are still on TikTok, and even fewer may remember me. Plus, many are probably busy with work or other commitments.

It's worth noting that my TikTok growth has been mainly through lives, not a single viral video. Out of my 16,000 followers, let's say we have a solid 1,000 viewers who genuinely support me. Why aren’t they being notified of my lives or active? Where are the solid, I don’t know, 100-200 people?

I'm reaching out to you because I value your input. Do you still want to see me make candles? Or would you prefer different content? Are the packing order lives enough to keep you engaged?

I do want you to know that I'm grateful for your support, whether it's 100 viewers or 10 - so I don’t want it to come off like I’m ungrateful. But with balancing a business, my mental health, and just life in general, I have to weigh what it best for me and my business and right now, afternoon lives on TikTok are a poor business decision. It’s time I find a better solution or focus my time elsewhere.

Your feedback means the world to me as I navigate this challenge. Let's keep the Illuminate Apothecary community strong.

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