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Illuminate Pride Wax Melts

Illuminate Pride Wax Melts


Yum...Hello Fruits! A fruity cereal comes to mind with this fragrance, capturing a youthful, playful aroma, bringing you back to your childhood. This mouth-wateringly delicious fragrance is PROUD, CONFIDENT, BOLD.


Illuminate Pride is the LGBTQ+ candle we have chosen to represent a small part of what makes up who we are. We appreciate all the support and see the love you send our way, and can't thank you all enough for the love!  Be yourself.


Top Notes: Citrus
Middle Notes: Cherry, Orange
Bottom Notes: Vanilla, Sandalwood

  • About

    Made with all natural premium soy wax and high quality frangrance oils.

    Contains 6 cubes per wax melt.  Simply place wax melt cube(s) in any traditional oil burner/warmer and enjoy for days!

    Our soy wax melts can be used in any traditional oil burner/warmer. However, please note that these are not suitable for use in electric diffusers that release steam.


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