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Fall Collection Launch - A Season to Remember 🍂

The leaves may be falling, but Illuminate Apothecary is rising to new heights! Our fall collection launch has truly been a milestone in the journey of our brand. It's not just about the 79 orders we received on launch day (our biggest launch to date!) but the connection, love, and dedication that illuminated the entire event.

Remember the thrill last year during our holiday collection release? This time, we came close, creating an ambiance filled with warmth and enthusiasm. Our TikTok Live event was a hit, extending till 2:30 AM. Many of you waited for 3 hours just to see your orders get packed! Your patience and love were not just heartwarming but the fuel that keeps me going.

The best part? The overwhelming continued support from all of you! It's not merely about candles or fragrances. It's about a community, a family that grows together, enjoying the essence of clean, natural, and relaxing products. You've become the inspiration for me to keep building on collections, our monthly candle subscription box - Amber Valley, and, above all, Illuminate Apothecary's unique identity.

You've helped Illuminate Apothecary become more than a brand; it's a beacon of warmth, grace, and authenticity. As I reflect on this successful launch, I realize that our journey together is filled with endless possibilities.

With your continued support, we'll keep lighting up the world, one candle at a time. Let's continue to Illuminate Love ❤️.

Thank you for being a part of this magical experience.

Your friend,

Jonathan at Illuminate Apothecary

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